Winery-Owners_Mas-Vino_Nov2018_0005_POLKURAPOLKURA is a wine growing project, started in 2002 by the Muñoz and Bruchfeld families, with the purpose of making an exceptional wine, based on the exciting Syrah grape variety. Marchigue, at the western end of the Colchagua Valley in Chile, was chosen as the ideal site, for it has shown enormous potential to produce this varietal. POLKURA is the name of a little hill, located inside the vineyard, and on its slopes grows the grapes that this wine is made of.

POLKURA means “Yellow Stone” in the native Chilean Mapuche language, making reference to large amounts of yellow granite spread along the clay soils in the area. Decomposed granite imparts the wine with minerality and elegance, whereas clay gives the wine body and structure. The moderate coastal climate adds spice and fruitiness, resulting in a fine, yet complex and full bodied wine with very good balance.

In the POLKURA vineyard, the most interesting sites are definitely those oriented towards the south, only indirectly facing the sun. This is why these sites have fewer hours of sunshine and therefore a lower heat accumulation, resulting in much more elegant wines.

During the 2006 vintage, big differences in fruit flavour were noticed within these blocks at POLKURA. After one year of trials, the decision was made to bottle the wines produced from Blocks G and I separately.

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