When contacted by a Winery or Supplier (II)

I thought to write about the key points in an introduction, but it is better to start with the basics.

It is valuable if the export manager  learns a little about our market first, (Private and Government liquor stores), their portfolio, when is the right time to introduce a white, rose, or light red wine…or a full body red.

The time spent learning about the market it is not wasted time, it will pay off many times over.

Below 2 pictures from the buying cycles 2021 from BCLDB which can help as a guide for their buying cycle it and also can be used as indication for the private liquor stores as well. (In another post a I share a case study related to this).

As an indication, I usually participate in the Chilean and Argentinean tenders, as priority.


European Red – Spring and Summer.

European Red – Fall and Winter.

Thank you for reading.