Do you believe in food and wine pairing? Or, do you savour what you fancy? Do you order a red because of the lovely steak you are planning to enjoy or is it perhaps white or rosé? Is it semi-sweet, dry or a blend? Do you know which food is best paired with which wines, does it matter to you? What is the culture and preference in your country?

In some countries, it matters in others not so much as their believes and food culture dictates otherwise. In China, for instance, only about 5% of white wine is consumed with a preference for red wine, regardless of the dish.

Recently, Simon Zhou, owner of Ruby Red, in Shanghai, chatted to a group of wine journalists ahead of this week’s ProWine event, discussing just this fact and the impact it has on wine sales in China. According to Zhou, in China the overall preference for red wine over white wine, has its origin from the time that wine was introduced into China. The colour of wine was labelled to be red. Drinking white wine in China will most likely be frowned upon.

Source: Read the full article by Natalie Wang here.

Below is a chart that gives a bit of guidance when next you want to impress, or perhaps you wish to educate yourself and experience the delight of the correct wine paired with the correct food. So what is cooking and what is in your glass right now?


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Photo by Elevate on Unsplash