“I have the pleasure of working with Pablo Moreno who has unparalleled knowledge of the wine industry and for sourcing quality wines. Pablo is a great and attentive person to work with. The helpful and friendly up-to-date information on the wine market I am given is invaluable, and I thank him for that.”


“I have known Pablo Moreno and Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. for 12 years now, and I have worked with him during all that time. He has been key in contributing to the growth and development of our company, Tinajas del Maule. Pablo is an honest person, he is direct, very reliable and faultless. He is always in search of generating solutions and helping to create opportunities for Tinajas del Maule. The relationship between our two companies are of great value and we are very grateful to him and his management team.”


“Pablo’s consistent and dedicated work over the last 13 years has been fundamental in the development of the Loncomilla Cooperative’s foreign trade; actively participating in the improvement of our offer for the different markets and the Fair Trade certification process. His experience and knowledge of the global wine industry are a guarantee for the development of long-term relationships with customers.”


“Mr Pablo Moreno is a phenomenal Wine Broker. I met Pablo at the WBWE in 2012 and was impressed by his wealth of knowledge of the wine industry and his pleasant personality. Pablo consistently shows strong enthusiasm for his work and has a keen understanding of the global wine market, he always provides us with the latest information and useful advice in every wine transaction. His fair and honest attitude to both the buyer and seller make him the first choice to do the business with. Mr Pablo Moreno, is a man with sensibility and rationality, the best Wine Broker for our company and for myself, a life-long friend.”


“I met Pablo more than ten years ago, for the first time. When we try new approaches in our business, Pablo always provides valuable information and practical, flexible solutions for us. Needless to say, he is one of the most important stakeholders in our company.”


“Pablo is a well organized, professional person with good experience working with wine buyers globally. He understands the individual needs of customers; and the attention to detail required to service the UK wine market, especially. He is hardworking and diligent.”


“I know Pablo as a 100% reliable supplier and agent. Without exception, he delivers the agreed upon quality at the agreed upon time.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Pablo on a number of occasions whilst I was Sales Director at HwCg Ltd. He is incredibly personable and highly trustworthy. He always has the best interests of his clients at heart. Pablo works tirelessly to ensure that all runs smoothly from inception to conclusion.”