Asia’s Biggest Bulk Wine Fair, Yantai (Shandong), China, 30 – 31 May 2019

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Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is visiting Asia’s Biggest Bulk Wine Fair in Yantai (Shandong), China this week. The event is scheduled to take place 30 – 31 May 2019, at the Yantai International Expo Centre.

Yantai is China’s most important port of entry for bulk wine and is known in China as the City of Wine. Statistics indicate that over 80% of bulk wine destined for sale in China annually, enters via the port of Yantai. It is considered to be China’s most important city for the bulk wine industry.

Yantai is also said to have one of the most beautiful natural bathing beaches in Northern China.

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Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. attend Vancouver IVSA New Product Salon

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. attended the Vancouver IVSA New Product Salon, which took place on Tuesday, 29 January 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver. One of many exhibitors, the company had a booth at the event, showcasing a selection of the top wines which they represent.

What is IVSA?


“The IVSA is a registered not-for-profit society that was formed in 1975 by a group of beverage alcohol import agents who wanted to create a united voice when communicating with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, AGLC, Provincial Governments and industry partners. In 2009, the IVSA consolidated operations with the Beverage Alcohol Importers Council of Alberta (BAICA), making the IVSA one of the largest representative bodies of beverage alcohol import agents in Canada.” –

Beatriz Gil represented Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. at the event. Beatriz is a BC VQA Wine Ambassador, Level 2, and expertly answered any questions from wine aficionados, attending the event, about the wines on display, from wineries in Chile, Argentina and Spain.

Visitors were able to sample a selection of the top wines represented by Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. including its flagship wine Ruben & Flora, produced by Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile.

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. had the following wine selection on offer for tasting:

  • Ruben & Flora 2017 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Pinot Noir Rosé 2018 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Merlot 2017 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Sauvignon Blanc 2017 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Tonel 22 – Bodega Los Toneles, Argentina
  • Tonel 78 – Bodega Los Toneles, Argentina
  • Cultus Tinto – Bodegas Yuntero, Spain

Who attended the event? Which wines were popular?

The Vancouver IVSA New Product Salon were mainly attended by wine professionals from British Columbia, wine writers, sommeliers, liquor store managers and staff, as well as restaurant managers and staff.

The top wines represented by Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. which were very well received, and the most popular from the complete selection, were wines produced in Chile and Spain, being:

  • Ruben & Flora 2017 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Viejo Feo Pinot Noir Rosé 2018 – Viña Tinajas del Maule, Chile
  • Cultus Tempranillo Organic – Bodegas Yuntero, Spain

The Vancouver IVSA New Product Salon main event focus was on imported wine, beer and spirits. The event attracted a host of exhibitors from across the globe. Exhibitors varied from wine importers, from Europe, The Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Not only could attendees to the event sample wine, but there were also booths which promoted premium spirits and beer.

The first event on the 2019 marketing calendar attended by Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. was a great success, giving the company the opportunity to interact with many valuable clients.

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Bulk Wine Transportation

Ever wondered how Wine is transported? When you think of wine and buying wine, you immediately think of wine in bottles, right? Wrong! Let’s look at the various wine transportation options. There are several ways to transport bulk wine shipments from wine producers to its final destination. Boxed bottled wine, wine transported in ISO Tanks and Flexitank are the most popular ways to transport wine.

Wine Bottles

Bottled wine is the most obvious. Wine is produced by a winery; it is bottled on the premises of the winery, labeled, boxed and shipped all over the world to its destination of sale. Using this method has its pros and cons. Typical advantages of this method of shipping are that there is very little chance of product contamination. When the wine arrives at its final destination, it is immediately ready for sale, being a convenience for both the producer and buyer of the wine. The disadvantage is the possibility of breakage of the bottles, cost of packaging and transportation. The producer also requires a greater layout of cost, for bottling, labeling, and packaging on the production side.


ISO Tanks

What is an ISO Tank? It is a tank that is manufactured according to ISO standards (International Organisation for Standardisation). In the wine industry, these tanks are typically made of a stainless steel outer and inner layers that meet the specification for transporting wine. Advantages of using an ISO Tank for the transportation of wine is that the tank can be re-used, greater volumes of product can be transported at a time, and product temperature can be controlled. Considering the disadvantage of using this method to transport wine, is that the vessel has to be professionally cleaned after each wine shipment and a cleaning certificate issued. ISO tanks are also large and heavy, making transportation cumbersome.



As a consumer of wine, you can compare a Flexitank to “Box Wine”. Box wine consists of an outer package, which is the wine box, that provides protection for the product inside of the box. The wine inside of the box is contained in a wine bag fitted with a little valve, which allows the consumer to drain it from the bag. Box wine usually is more cost effective for the consumer to purchase.

Now, think big! Flexitank works on the same principle. Flexitank is a cost-effective and modern product for the storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquids. Wine is one of the products that is being transported using Flexitank. The Flexitank is installed in a 20ft ISO shipping container. The Flexitank is manufactured of several inner layers of food-grade Polyethylene (PE) and an outer layer of tubular Polypropylene (PP). This outer layer is seamless, reducing the risk of rupturing. Flexitank is manufactured in sizes from 16cbm to 24cbm. Wine Producers and Bulk Wine Buyers make use of Flexitank, as it reduces the requirement of packaging and reduces the cost of storage, and transportation. Since the product is safely contained in the Flexitank and further protected by the ISO shipping container, this method has opened doors for bulk wine transporting in recent years. Wine can now be shipped all over the world via freight ship or road, using this modern, cost-effective method.



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Top-selling Chilean Wine, Ruben & Flora, Viña Tinajas del Maule

Ruben & Flora produced by Viña Tinajas del Maule, situated in the Maule Valley in Chile is labelled as one of the top-selling Chilean wines, in Alberta, Canada, currently.

Ruben & Flora is a red wine, produced from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Carmenere grapes. The blend of Carmenere and Cabernet complement each other very well. Cabernet brings structure and longevity, while Carmenere adds spiciness and rich fruit flavors. It is a wine with a deep color, and concentrated, with a 14% alcohol content. The wine has a complex bouquet, red and black fruit flavors merge with intriguing spiciness and black pepper aromas. Elegant acidity and full body make it a wine to drink now or store away for special occasions. Enjoy Ruben & Flora with cuts of red meat, pork ribs or roasted lamb chops.

If you were looking for an excellent wine to enjoy this Festive Season, try out this lovely red, Ruben & Flora. If however, red wine or this particular blend does not tantalize your taste buds, there’s more. We wrote a while ago, here on the Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. News Page, about a Viña Tinajas del Maule wine shipment just leaving Chile, destination Canada. Guess what? The eagle has landed. This shipment of premium wines arrived here in Canada this week. The wines will be available in liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta to fill Christmas stockings or just pour and enjoy with good friends or family.

News-Post-Featured-Image-2-15December2018What can you expect?

Available in British Columbia the shipment of premium Viña Tinajas del Maule wines include the following premium wines for your enjoyment:

In Alberta you can look forward to sampling these fine Viña Tinajas del Maule wines from Chile:

Want to learn more about each wine? It’s a click away! Click on the name to view the specs! Then pop out and stock up!

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Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. import POLKURA Syrah 2013 from the POLKURA Wine Growing Project situated at the western end of the Colchagua Valley in Chile. The POLKURA Syrah 2013 vintage was sold and very well received by wine lovers in private retail stores in British Columbia, Canada.

The 2013 vintage performed so well that Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. partnered with the POLKURA Wine Growing Project to import the POLKURA Syrah 2015 vintage for retail distribution throughout the British Columbia region in Canada. Many cases of the POLKURA Syrah 2015 vintage a Premium Wine were shipped in via sea freight all the way from Chile to Canada.

This very special vintage is now available in all 197 BC Liquor Stores located throughout the province. BC Liquor Stores is one of the largest retailers in British Columbia and serve more than 36 million retail customers annually.

What is so special about the POLKURA Syrah 2015 vintage. Well apart from the great taste, it has won some outstanding awards.






What can you expect when you sample POLKURA Syrah 2015 vintage. The colour is Red-violet in color with darker tones. Fruit and spice on the nose, together with a certain minerality in the mouth. It is an intense wine, but well-balanced between the sweetness of the tannins and the acidity. It has great persistency, and a very long finish. It is a complex wine that shows different flavor profiles as you drink it.

If you are a bit of a wine aficionado, read the full specs on POLKURA Syrah 2015 vintage lower down in this read, then pop out and treat yourself to a bottle or two.

Other Premium Wines shipped from select Boutique Wineries in Chile by Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. for your pure enjoyment and also available in BC Liquor Stores is J Bouchon Reserva Rosé. This is a Rosé with intense nose and a delicate and elegant salmon color, as well as J Bouchon Canto Sur, a brilliant Red Blend.

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is very excited about the new arrivals from Chile to the Canadian shores. The company is growing its import offering of Select Premium wines from Boutique Wineries in Chile and beyond to Canada.

We’ve included some extra information for the wine aficionados:

POLKURA Syrah 2015 Vintage – WINEMAKER-NOTES_POLKURA-ficha-syhra-2015-eng
J Bouchon Reserva Rosé – WINEMAKER-NOTES_JB-Reserva-Rosé-2018
J Bouchon Canto Sur – Notes 2017 Vintage

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Credit and Source:
Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash

10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition

News_Mas-Vino_Bulk-Wine-Exhibition_Nov2018Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is excited to attend the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition, taking place in Amsterdam, RAI, 26-27 November 2018. It is the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to the Bulk Wine Industry. The event takes place over two days, with 75% of the bulk wine supply that is exported worldwide represented. In 2018, the WBWE celebrates 10 years attracting the entire international wine industry to Amsterdam with one objective – for wine industry specialists and clients to meet, interact and do business.

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. will be present at the event to meet and consult with existing and future clients. Visit us at booth D10-26, “Jugos Australes” to meet with Pablo Moreno, of Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc., a well-known specialist in the Bulk Wine Broking Industry. Discuss your next purchase, representation or just come and say hello to chat about all things wine, it will be our pleasure. Let’s meet up, for your convenience, complete the meeting request below for a chat with Pablo on Stand D10-26, see the event floor plan to easily locate us! Looking forward to seeing you at 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition!


Food and Wine Pairing

Do you believe in food and wine pairing? Or, do you savour what you fancy? Do you order a red because of the lovely steak you are planning to enjoy or is it perhaps white or rosé? Is it semi-sweet, dry or a blend? Do you know which food is best paired with which wines, does it matter to you? What is the culture and preference in your country?

In some countries, it matters in others not so much as their believes and food culture dictates otherwise. In China, for instance, only about 5% of white wine is consumed with a preference for red wine, regardless of the dish.

Recently, Simon Zhou, owner of Ruby Red, in Shanghai, chatted to a group of wine journalists ahead of this week’s ProWine event, discussing just this fact and the impact it has on wine sales in China. According to Zhou, in China the overall preference for red wine over white wine, has its origin from the time that wine was introduced into China. The colour of wine was labelled to be red. Drinking white wine in China will most likely be frowned upon.

Source: Read the full article by Natalie Wang here.

Below is a chart that gives a bit of guidance when next you want to impress, or perhaps you wish to educate yourself and experience the delight of the correct wine paired with the correct food. So what is cooking and what is in your glass right now?



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