Bulk Wine Broker

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is not only an importer of supreme quality select wines from around the globe. We are also expert Bulk Wine Brokers, who have a passion for quality wine.

Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. has been connecting with international bulk wine buyers and bulk wine producing wineries from Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Australia for over 15 years. We have conducted business and opened markets in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. We aim to offer the best quality, price and service for the wines that our clients are interested in, effectively streamlining the whole buying process from the first quotation until the bulk wine has been received and paid.


  • We are experts, we have an intimate knowledge of all aspects of wine production, logistics, and the distribution process.
  • We provide comprehensive consulting services, at no cost, to importers.
  • We know each country and market is unique. We take into account the history, culture, habits, and preferences in food and wine of a region when harnessing a new market.


  • QUALITY – We source only quality wines from reputable wineries around the globe.
  • BEST PRICE – Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc., manage large volume wine shipments from select reputable wineries.
  • GREAT SAVINGS – Purchasing wine from Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc., you save on price, volume and time. In case you wondered, no, as a Bulk Winer Broker we are not more expensive!
  • CONVENIENCE – We understand that your time is valuable, and provide you with the convenience of buying select quality wines from one specialist supplier. You don’t have to do the legwork, because we do.


The driving force behind Mas Vino Broker Inc. is founder and owner, Pablo Moreno. Pablo began his career in the industry as an Agronomy student in Chile. Since then he has established his authority in the wine industry, specializing in:

  • Vineyard management
  • Winemaking
  • Product development
  • Product marketing
  • Business development
  • International sales development
  • Export management
  • Commercial consulting

Pablo brings his driving work ethic, intimate knowledge, and impressive expertise to the Wine Import and Bulk Wine Broking Industry in Canada. He is well connected in the industry and familiar with many of the niche wineries around the globe.

Contact Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. to receive our price list for the exclusive selection of wines we represent.