Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is a professional wine importation business serving British Columbia and Alberta since 2015. Mas Vino proudly sources and imports top-class wines from sustainable wineries in Argentina and Chile.

We promise to give our suppliers and buyers a safe and simple experience. We are constantly updating the process in order to achieve our goal.


  • Authenticity
  • Essentiality
  • Respect
  • Support

The management of Mas Vino realizes it’s important to create and maintain long-term relationships with clients and wineries.


Mas Vino Wine Broker Inc. is a member of various industry-related organizations:

  • British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch
  • Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Agency
  • The Import Vintners & Spirits Association

The management team of Mas Vino are all experts in their respective fields. They are professionals who understand the world of wine and winemaking.


Pablo is a Chilean Enologist living in Kelowna, British Columbia.

“Around twenty years ago, I attended Olds College in Alberta to learn English. I had a lot of fun as a young international student but most importantly, I realized that-one day-I wanted to become a wine exporter from my home country (Chile) to Canada. Little did I know back then what was coming after. When I returned to Chile, I received my degree in Agronomy, became a certified winemaker, worked as an export manager with two wineries and started my career as an international wine broker, a business that is now Más Vino. All these experiences allowed me to learn the heart and soul of the wine industry and led me to visit more than 35 countries around the world.

“Eight years ago, I decided to permanently move to Kelowna (BC) where I currently reside with my family, and I opened my wine import business serving the BC and AB markets. As a detail and costumer-focused-professional, I like to put my skills and expertise at the service of my clients, recommending them the most remarkable wines that I have personally tasted and learned to appreciate through my work.”

Having acquired his import license, Pablo decided to import wines from the wine regions that have inspired him the most. He is now able to proudly promote the wines selected, based on one thing only – that they are all wines that he would gladly share with friends.